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Assignment to Earth

A M Jenner

Copyright 2011, A M Jenner, Smashwords edition. Front cover image of Earth credit: NASA. Discover other titles by A M Jenner at This DRM-free ebook represents more than twenty years of work. Please respect my hard work by purchasing it. Thank you for your honesty!

Thanks and Dedication

Thanks go to Lt. Jenna, who I liked so much that I adapted her name as part of my pen name. Also, many thanks to the various readers who have had faith in this book, and kept telling me it was good enough to publish.

Assignment to Earth is dedicated to my sister, who was willing to act out certain scenes and rehearse them over and over until they were right. Her leg was black and blue from falling down when the imaginary cougar knocked her over, but her persistence made the scene so right that it remained virtually unchanged through the many edits over the past 22 years. Thanks, Sis!

Table of Contents

Thanks and Dedication

Chapter One

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Excerpt from The Siege of Kwennjurat

Chapter One

Jenna had to get her hands on that weapon. She had to. She needed to see; just to make sure.

Skylar’s attention was bent solely upon the breakfast dishes while Jenna stood at the kitchen door, her eyes fastened on the pistol in his holster. It couldn’t be, not here. What would a...she squashed the thought. She needed a closer look at that weapon.

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