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Deadly Wands, 2014 edition

by Brent Reilly

Completely rewritten for 2014, this action-packed epic fantasy tells the remarkable adventures of an orphan boy with incredible powers who grows up in the Dark Ages during a brutal world war fought with non-magical wands that shoot fireballs and enable flight, resulting in massive air battles. The first in a trilogy, this book is free to entice you to buy the sequels. Mature content makes it unsuitable for little kids. It’s more Game of Thrones than Harry Potter.

DEDICATION: I dedicate this novel to my wonderful sons, Brian and Lucas.

Copyright © 2011 by the author, Brent Reilly.

Published by Smashwords for Brent Reilly

This story is fiction. Any resemblance to actual people, places, or events is coincidental. All rights are reserved. Except for book reviews, no more than four paragraphs can be reproduced without written permission from the author.

“A man’s greatest joy is to defeat his enemies, take their possessions, and enjoy their women.” -- Genghis Khan


Worst. Birthday. Ever.

A wand bristling with power in each hand, Lady Elizabeth finished putting her body armor, battle helmet, and game face on. A birthday present from her father, her new wands blew away anything she had ever used, and must have cost a bloody fortune. Certainly she never would have attempted her plans for the day without them. Savoring the raw energy flowing up her arms, she forced herself to put aside all doubt, regret, and mercy. She could not afford mercy.

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