John Janovy, Jr.

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © John Janovy, Jr., 2011

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This ebook contains copies of all exams given in a college biology course from 2007 through 2010. The answers are available for $2.99 from Smashwords (, but they should be fairly easy to obtain from any college-level textbook or from the Internet. I hope this document helps you get better grades. There is no guarantee that your own instructor will use questions similar to these, but the material covered in these exams is very standard for introductory biology courses at the college level. I did not take the time to re-number any questions; they’re simply sorted according to subject. Also, you’ll probably discover that teachers may use the same questions over and over again. In fact, while going through questions for answers, I discovered that I’d used the same questions maybe five or six times. My own classes got these same questions, but their grades seemed to get lower and lower, as a group, according to the number of questions, and in some cases answers, they’d received prior to the test. I can’t explain this trend.

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