The Power and the Glory

By Kate Everson

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2011 Kate Everson

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The time was now.

There was no other time.

“It has to be now … or never,” thought Thomas. And he jumped off the cliff.

Far below the ragged rocks caught his body and tore it to shreds. He lay there, lifeless, until the tide washed him out to sea, bobbing with the seaweed. Then mercifully, a giant shark popped him like a tart for breakfast.

That was it for Thomas.

“Well, that was a bad decision,” thought What Once Was Thomas, mangled and mushed inside the shark’s big belly. “Maybe I’ll try that again.”

No such luck. He blew it. Gone. No second chances.

At least not for him. However …

“Thank God for resurrection!” laughed What Once Was Thomas, as his spirit quickly escaped the meal of the shark and rose up above it all. He was in a new element, the ether, looking down at the ocean. The tide had just gone out, and already rescuers were searching for his body.

“Good luck!” he thought grimly.

And he set about rediscovering his new Self.

He was not solid any more, no flesh to weigh him down, but lighter than air, composed of mostly energy particles. Some of him shone brightly, especially near the heart, but the rest just kind of floated invisibly above the earth matter.

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