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“Am I a ghost?” he wondered.

He could not see what he was. He knew he wasn’t human, but what was he?

Instead of looking down, he began to look around, look up and see the sky, watch the wind and forget about himself. Who cares what he was now? All that seemed to matter now was his space. It was incredible.

An unearthly glow all around him was a piece of heaven right here, right now. He could not remember having ever seen such a quality of light. There were shades of pink and purple and blue and green he had never known before. They were illumined from within. He felt himself rising with the Light, feeling lighter and lighter, letting it guide him wherever it chose.

“I feel … but I don’t really feel,” he said. “It’s more a sense of Being, that transcends all feelings. It’s like being space.”

In a few more levels, What Once Was Thomas would soon discover something even more amazing. He would reach the place of All Power and Glory. The summit of perfection. The Jewel of the Heavens.

He was not afraid. He knew this would be the ultimate travel destination. Reaching the heavens, he would become a part of it. Maybe he would never return to earth again.

Somehow, that was all right with the former Thomas. It had not been a particularly great life on earth, and he was ready to find something brighter. A happier place. If anywhere, it had to be here.

But he had no idea.

“Come here,” said the shape of a Man. Thomas trembled and fell at his feet. “I am here,” he said humbly.

“That way,” the Man pointed into a cave.

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