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What others are saying about Gifts With No Giver...

“I first picked up this gem of a book about a decade ago, around the time I was discovering Nirmala and his teachings in the non-dual tradition. Here Nirmala shares his beautiful experiences of Awakening through his own unique heartfelt words. Enlightened spiritual poetry not unlike other mystical offerings like Rumi, the Songs of Kabir or Lao Tzu's sayings. I continue to find fresh inspiration whenever I open these pages, and with an open heart dare to let myself be touched.” –Akash, BC

“At a meditation retreat I was leading at Harbin Hot Springs, a participant handed me Gifts with No Giver. From the moment I opened it, my heart soared into the realms of Silence that your words invited. Tears of truth touched my soul. I have so wanted to savor each poem that I have been reading only one every few days. I love squeezing the juice out of each poem! Thank you for the depths that you have traveled inside yourself that allows your words to thrust me inward.” –Peter Rengel, Retreat Leader and author of Living Life in Love and Seeds of Light

“If you are looking for a book of spiritual poetry to help light your spiritual path, this book will be a good choice. The subtitle of the book, A Love Affair with Truth, describes well the theme of this collection of spiritual poems. Nirmala's depth of insight is well represented.” –Gloria Achterberg



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