“Nah, it’s okay, obviously I shouldn’t have—”

“Yeah,” he says. “Don’t sleep here, okay? I’m the nice one on staff and I’m off in…” He checks his watch. “Ten minutes.”

“I promise,” Leif says. “No more dozing off.”

His smile is so wide and bright, Leif has to return it. “You need anything? Token, maybe a sandwich?”

“Oh, shit. No!” That was too loud. The guy takes a step back and Leif’s cheeks burn. “I’m not homeless. I’m just really tired.”

“Okay, okay, no worries.” He holds up his hands a little and smiles more gently. “Just thought I’d check.”

“That’s incredibly sweet of you,” Leif tells him. “What are you, like a monk or something?”

He frowns a little, uncertainly, then grins when Leif smiles and waves the joke away. “Yeah, I’d make a terrible monk. No, I’m just—” He shrugs. “Lotta people need help.”

“Yeah, true,” Leif says, sitting forward, trying to close the gap between them. “Listen, if you’re clocking out soon — wait, are you a librarian?”

“Yeah, that’s generally who works in a library,” the guy replies.

“Aw, I see,” Leif says, “a smartass, huh?”

“Been told that, yeah.”

“A lot?”

“All the time, actually.”

“Why would you make such a bad monk?”

He laughs and shakes his head, squeezing Leif’s shoulder. “That’s a saga and a half, trust me.”

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