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“You could have got here sooner.”

Travis shrugged.

“Yeah, I could have.”

He’d sensed the man’s impatience before he’d even climbed the concrete steps, to reach him. Mr. Raffens was a man in a suit, men in suits were known for their impatience.

Mr. Raffens looked him up and down, and from his expression it was clear he didn’t like what he saw. Travis let him, waiting, he’d never been turned down from a job before, based on his appearance and he didn’t expect this to be the first time either.

“Well-“ Mr. Raffens said after a minute. “You did come recommended. You’d better come in.”

He turned, and went through the building’s, imposing double doors. Travis glanced around him, then followed in other man’s wake; he always came recommended. Word of mouth was the way he got nearly all of his jobs, without it he would probably be out of work, but he’d have another job waiting after this one. Right now, he didn’t know what that job would be, but it would come. He was the guy they called, when all the other guys had failed.

“So, how long have you had this problem?” Travis asked, as he followed Mr. Raffens along the corridor. It was wide, with a bland tiled floor and panelled wooden doors spaced at about six foot intervals.

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