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The Meta Corps:

Dream of the Youth

By Toby Gard

Copyright 2011 by Toby Gard

Smashwords Edition



Chapter 1

August 6th, 2010

When he noticed that a hero was chasing them, Sergei Slade knew that he would have to execute Plan B as his massive tank leapt from the 405 freeway and into the parking lot of the Costa Mesa Mall; a dead end. Random shoppers either ran or flew out of Slades way as he left a trail of crushed vehicles in his wake. He made a hard one-eighty to face the freeway, cars piling up as if the tank were a hand running through sand. Slade paused to regain his bearings and held his bag filled with his stolen loot. He smiled and thought of the potential that could work in his favor stemmed from a pair of world-renowned gauntlets.

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