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Chocolate is My Destiny

by Linda Jordan

writing as Annie Cox

Copyright 2011 by Linda Jordan/Annie Cox

Published by Metamorphosis Press

Cover photo by bibacomua

Licensed by Deposit Photos

Smashwords Edition


~Chocolate is My Destiny

~About Annie Cox

Chocolate is my Destiny

I didn’t even wince as the human servant passed me in the crowd. He carried a tray of Duveilian Truffles. I wasn’t about to eat one.

It took me two whole weeks to lose thirty pounds and after spending an entire month’s credit on my new red dress, I just wouldn’t do it. No chocolate. Eating even one was a slippery slope from which there was no recovery.

HOPE would announce the new hire for News Anchor tomorrow and looks are what count in my business. If I get passed over again, then to hell with them. I’ll go to another Holo channel and eat myself silly.

I was putting on a happy face here at the party, but I really wanted to be at home filling my mouth with chocolate. Life hadn’t been going so well, despite the weight loss.

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