Money may be the answer to a lot of things but it is also not the answer to a lot of things. Many people can be so in love with money they lose themselves in the process of acquiring it and sadly when they get the money it either turns them into selfish people or they become sad and miserably people. Those who don’t lose themselves during the paper chase get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The topic of money gets me excited all the time because I just love dealing with money. Acquiring money for many people is a success because they love the benefits of having money and let’s be honest who doesn’t. I too am on a serious paper chase. Getting more money can also be put in your success list if you wish. Many people make a living through their monthly income which they get from their job. To these people making huge amounts of money may not be a possibility for them unless they choose a different career path which is a huge risk to take but sometimes risks make life more fun. Some people own a business and for them making loads of money is a huge possibility if they know how to. Unfortunately I will not be giving advice on how to exactly get more money because my knowledge of the topic is limited. One of the reasons the majority of people don’t make money is because of their mindset. People are poor not because they are broke but because of their mentality they have a poor mindset and a bad way of viewing money and this should never be the case because money is such a lovely thing. These people have a bad view on money they think it’s a bad thing and don’t like talking about it. These people teach their children stupid things like money ‘doesn’t grow on trees’ when in fact it does because it’s a piece of paper and paper come from trees. They teach their children that money isn’t everything or it isn’t important but yet they go to their jobs everyday working for money. They say that money is the root of all evil. This scripture has been thrown around by people who don’t even read the bible because if they did they would have soon realized that the scripture didn’t say money is evil. The scripture said that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil not money itself, but the LOVE of it. Most people don’t know the things they talk about they give incorrect teaching about money, success and education. In order to get to the level of making money you need to first learn how to make money. You can’t swim if you don’t know how to swim and you can’t make money if you don’t know how to make money and not just make money but how to have your money work for you not the other way around. The only way to learn how to make money is by reading business books or any books related to the topic of money. Most people who graduate from university don’t ever read books again because for about sixteen years of their lives they have associated books with displeasure. The books they studied at school were boring and mostly filled with information that was good to know but not really beneficial for them. They got used to reading books for the purpose of studying for an exam and passing it not for the purpose of really learning from them and now think all books are as useless and boring as the ones they read in school. Since that studying session was always boring they all think books are boring; some of them think books are just about stories with characters. There are some people out there who seriously think all books are just story books and don’t know that there are such things as self-help books and books that teach you how to make money although usually written for entrepreneurs. The only way to really get your financial education upgraded is obviously not through school but through books based on money and how to make money. If school taught people how to make money or manage their money then a lot of people wouldn’t have so much financial problems as they do now. Many people wouldn’t be in debt and some of these people are high paid middle class people like doctors. People who studied hard when at school and for some doctors money wasn’t a subject they would have found relevant to study because their education was based on science and biology. Lawyers also have an excuse for their lack of financial education. Accountants who are in debt and other financial adviser who struggle financially are a clear sign that the financial education of the school system is either outdated or seriously useless. Start reading books that will help you expand your financial knowledge and unwire the negative beliefs you have about money. For people with jobs the only way to make more money at work is working your way to the top and usually these books about money won’t be much help since they are aimed at entrepreneurs and people with a job will barely have the time to apply the given advice. I would like to recommend two books that I have read for anyone who wishes to make money while working a job and for those not working a job too and these books are the secret by Rhonda Byrne and rich dad poor dad by Robert T.Kiyosaki or any books by Robert T.Kiyosaki. These are great books to start with but you can really start with any book of your choice as long as it deals with financial literacy from a person who actually has money in their bank account and not just money millions in their bank account. You wouldn’t take advice about medicine from someone who’s not a doctor nor would you want to take advice about money for someone who is still in the process of acquiring money. Right now the money I have isn’t at a million yet and so I really won’t give advice on money since I’m not there yet but to get there I am using a strategy I learned from the book the secret by Rhonda Byrne. Read that book and use the financial advice from that book which am currently using and it is really working well for me and will for some whether you’re in business or not that book is for everybody so is the book rich dad poor dad.

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