Of course, I also had an ulterior motive. Tom loved Hope’s place and she had already ‘seen’ him, so maybe I would get more connection with Tom while I was there. It was settled, I would move in the day I left the sold house.

Thank goodness, I chronicled all this activity. While writing this book, I had to keep checking it and realized how much of it I had forgotten.

Chapter 13

Tom Taught Me How to See Differently

It was still during the first two weeks after Tom crossed over. He came to me in a morning meditation; at this point I had started meditating both at night and in the morning. I could ‘feel’ him there but wanted more. I told him I wanted him to talk with me. Nothing like telling someone on the other side what you want. I got good at it! After all, if you don’t ask….

He replied, “Just wait, you will see.”

I heard that!! I was getting better at ‘hearing’ Tom.

Then a series of faces appeared in front of me. I asked Tom who they were. He explained they were all him, but in different life times!

WOW! Now as interesting as that sounded, I wanted to know why he was showing them to me. He said,

You need to learn to see differently, it’s different than seeing the energy you see.”

It was hard to hold a meditative mind after that. He laughed at me and then it seemed as if he were gone. I responded with, “You brat, you are just being a tease. Come back here.”

Just because you ask or tell, does not mean you get what you ask for, on this side or the other side, apparently.

Chapter 14

The Cosmic Socialite Is At It Again

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