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HMS Glowworm And HMS Jervis Bay

Two cases of Extreme Valour at Sea

Copyright Ciamar Price and Ragged Angel Ltd 2010. Smashwords Edition

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Table of Contents

HMS Glowworm

HMS Jervis Bay and Convoy HX84


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HMS Glowworm

Commanded by Lieutenant Roope, HMS Glowworm is chiefly famous for her battle against the German Battleship the Admiral Hipper, where her commanding officer won a unique Victoria Cross.HMS Glowworm was a G-Class British Destroyer, number H-92. On patrol in 1940 she encountered the German invasion force heading for Norway and, with her radio shot out and unable to run, she fought.

8th April 1945 - The Patrol

On 8th April 1940, HMS Glowworm was on patrol near Norway with HMS Reknown and a cruiser, searching for the German invasion force approaching Norway. In the poor weather HMS Glowworm lost a man overboard and became separated from the convoy while searching for him. They did not find their missing man, and their navigation equipment malfunctioned, leaving them reliant on a magnetic compass.

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