Seven days in Fiji

By Steve Glines

Copyright 2006 by Steve Glines

Smashwords Edition

To Suds Macklen
The smartest man I have ever met and who delayed his 90th birthday party so that I could finish this.

To Aruind Keshwal
My business partner in Fiji

Getting There

I have a seven-hour jet lag or is it 17 hours. I just got back from Fijii and I’m not a happy person right now. Traveling used to be a grand experience. It’s not anymore. When my dad went to China in the 1920’s he didn’t go for a week or so he went for a year or so. The journey would begin with the family gathered at Grand Central Station in New York City to see my father off. He would have a private compartment in a Pullman car on the 20th Century Limitedii bound for Chicago. Half a dozen steamer trunks would be loaded into the baggage car with a large valise serving as a traveling wardrobe. In another bygone era my Grandfather would travel the world with a manservant but my Dad was a thoroughly modern 20th Century man, he traveled alone.

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