Daughter of the East Wind

by Linda Jordan

writing as LJ Wolfe

2011 Copyright by Linda Jordan/LJ Wolfe

Published by Metamorphosis Press

Cover photo licensed by Dreamtstine

Photo by 3quarks

Additional photo by Wikipedia Commons & Boehringer Friedrich

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~Daughter of the East Wind

~About LJ Wolfe

Daughter of the East Wind

The Daughter of the East Wind stood on the cliff top overlooking the Summer Sea. She watched people far out in their fishing boats dragging nets through the deep, green water. Closer to shore, divers leapt from their boats into the warm shallows. She imagined they sought octopus or perhaps precious pearls.

High upon the cliff, Asha felt truly alone for the first time in her life and she loved it. Mother would, of course, be searching for her. To lock her up again. How could a Wind Goddess not understand her daughter needing freedom? She was seventeen, an age at which most girls her age were married or at least being courted. And Asha had seen nothing of the world.

She felt the huge shadow above before she saw it. Asha flattened herself to the ground, next to a large boulder. The massive roc flew over, not seeing her.

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