Not here. I can’t take the chance on anyone hearing me.”

Well where and when?”

She looks around the room. “Surely this party is winding down soon. Can I meet you somewhere when it’s over?”

I’ve got…” I begin to make my excuses, but then I look at her face and I know there’s something really wrong with her. “What’s going on Belle?”

She looks around to make sure we’re alone and then she blurts out. “I’m pregnant. I got drunk on New Year’s Eve and I lost my virginity and I got pregnant.”


I'm sorry it’s so late but I couldn't get away till now.” I explain, sitting on the boat deck beside him. There are a million reasons that motivated me to tell Hayden about my pregnancy and none of them have anything to do with the crush that got me into this mess. The truth is, I’m terrified and Hayden is the one person from my childhood who never made me feel like his feelings for me were based on my “good behavior.” I guess therein lies the reason for the crush in the first place.

He shakes his head and says, “You have to tell him Belle.”

Why? It's not about him. It was one night! One stupid meaningless time!” I say tearfully, and I can’t believe I’m telling Hayden that I had a meaningless night; with Max Cooper of all people.

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