All characters eighteen or over.


Chris dabbed at the page with his art brush, his eyes and his mind on something other than the painting, or what was supposed to be a painting, in front of him.

Here he was , an eighteen year old student in his last year at school, supposedly aiming for some kind of career in the arts and he simply could not concentrate on the task at hand. There was one reason for this. Angela gave him a hard on. The simple sight of her was enough to give him a stirring in the loins.

As he watched her dipping her brush into her palette, he was very aware of how she had her nose in the air, as it always seemed to be. She had that air about her that said ‘I know I’m the hottest girl here, losers who are not even on my radar screen better stay the fuck away’. At least, that’s what Chris imagined she was thinking. Chris knew he was part of the geek squad. The losers who loved their comic books and their gaming but had yet to see a naked woman in their eighteen years on this planet.

His thoughts were interrupted by one of his fellow squad members.

“Hey Chris, you eyeing up Angela Singer again?”, said Fred, “bet you’d like to fuck her wouldn’t you!”

Chris reflexively took his eyes of Angela, embarrassed at having been caught looking. He knew sexual desire was normal. What bothered him was others knowing he had designs on someone who was way out of his league, that he simply had no hope with.

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