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Taco Del

and the

Fabled Tree of Destiny

A Merlin’s Tale

A Novel by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

First: Something’s Up

Lord E Lordy wanted the Wiz. That’s where the Last Little War got started.

You see, Lord E Lordy — he’s alcaldé of the next-door kingdom of Potrero-Taraval — was of a mind to conquer. This was not unusual. Lord E was always of that mind. Potrero has been spreading all the time, bit by bit, south and east toward Excelsior and Merced.

It started doing this when Lord E’s daddy was alcaldé of Potrero. He was an expansive bastard. He pushed Potrero-Taraval down against tiny Bernal in the southeast and up against Embarcadero all the way to the Farm. He even gobbled up the Buena Vista, whereupon the Embarcaderans beat him back, but not before some folks died.

Folks like mi madre y padre.

Lord E’d like to be an expansive bastard, too, but he’s fortunately not as good at it as his daddy. Once in a while he sends his knighties against the Border between Embar and Potrero, but they always turn back — usually about the time they see our knighties with their body-armor and AKs, and decide knives and crowbars won’t cut it.

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