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Killer Temptations: GREED


Danity O’Shae


It’s been eight months, two weeks and four days since we decided to stop running, and I still do not feel at home here. Gros Islet, St. Lucia –the perfect getaway for some- has turned into nothing more than a tropical paradise prison for me. White sandy beaches, endless mountain terrain, plenty of places to hide in plain site, and something continues to nag at my thoughts day in and day out. Vana insisted on us hopping from one country to the next, every week for a month, until we finally landed here. At the time, I wasn’t much for persuasion since I’d been almost bedridden for the first month we lived here. I also hadn’t protested when she’d purchased a home for the three of us, insisting that a hotel was no place to raise Erickson, and start our new life together. I’d been more than grateful to see her soothe Erickson through this crazy transition, when I couldn’t. Just when I began to get comfortable, and believe that Gavino really was dead, my mind started playing tricks on me again.

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