My Singular Summer

by Linda Jordan

writing as LJ Wolfe

Copyright by Linda Jordan/LJ Wolfe 2011

Published by Metamorphosis Press

Cover Photo Licensed by Dreamstine

Photo by George Mayer

Smashwords Edition


~My Singular Summer

~About LJ Wolfe

My Singular Summer

It started the day Gran confiscated my cell. Damn. She was only going to let me talk to one friend a day. And no texting. She also limited me to one hour of internet time. A day. I was seventeen and had to put up with this crap.

I just knew this was the summer I was going to die. A month with no technology, I might as well be dead.

Justine, my obnoxious younger sister, and I still had a whole month before we go back home. A month before summer ends. An entire, ugly, boring month until school starts again and life as I know it can return to normal!

We’d already been at Gran and Gramps for nearly two months, so I knew the morning drill. I shuffled towards the back door and put on muddy garden boots. Picked up garden gloves and went out. Gran and Justine were already picking flowers to bundle up for the market.

“Eleni, I need you to pick the ripe tomatoes,” Gran said, handing me a basket. “Please be very gentle with them.”

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