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The Stoplight

Smashwords Edition

* * * * *

ISBN 978-1-4659-3051-4

Copyright © 2011 by Steve Dodge


She pulled up to the stoplight ever so slowly, making certain to stop behind the crosswalk.

The car hummed softly with the contentment of a well-cared-for-vehicle. The radio played a classical tune as the driver waited.

Somewhere in the trees nearby birds frolicked and chattered as a pinkish glow lit the eastern sky. Few people were out, the driver noted, idling at the light. No cars were in sight at the intersection -- only a man walking a dog around the corner of a sidewalk.

The driver peered at the red light through eyeglasses that were a bit thicker than usual. A hand reached up absently and straightened silvery hair under a rounded hat. The stoplight remained red.

The driver began to shift uneasily in her seat. She was in no hurry, but still this light seemed to be taking a long time. As the car continued to idle, her thoughts drifted back to childhood. Her mother's exceptionally tidy house came to mind and the times she was scolded for leaving dolls out. She recalled the neat lines of children in school, hushed to near silence for fear of punishment.

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