“Yeah, you hired me to push me around and make yourself feel like a big man. But you don’t want it to be too easy.”

And you’re game for that?”

I’m game for whatever you’ve got,” she says.

Are you sure?” I say. “It’s going to get a bit rough.”

She scoffs and glares at me sideways. “From you? I doubt it. You’re a pathetic little businessman and I do this sort of thing for a living. You won’t even be able to make me uncomfortable.”

Is that what I look like to you?” I ask her as I undo my belt. “A middle management loser who has to hire women to get laid?”

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up,” she says.

I slip my belt off and fold it over and slap it on the palm of my hand while I talk. “So if I were to tell you that I own my own business and I’m worth a few million on a bad day and I hire women because I don’t like dealing with the emotions of a traditional relationship, what would you say to that?”

I’d probably say you were full of shit.” There’s no fear in her eyes, just faux disdain poorly masking a deep undercurrent of excitement.

Is that right?” I say as I loop the belt around her neck.

That’s right,” she says, still maintaining her look of defiance.

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