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I Cannot Protect Her, Ever Again

By Wayne Allen Sallee

Smashwords Edition published at Smashwords by Crossroad Press

Copyright 2011 by Wayne Allen Sallee

Cover Design by Jeffrey Kafer

Publisher's Note:

This story is being offered for free. I believe it has an important message, and I am proud to share it with you. It's not a feel-good story of hope and redemption. It's more one man's wake-up call to the true danger of the world we live in – an honest effort at coping with incredible loss – and a touching tribute to family and friends. If you are familiar with Wayne's work, you know he writes from the pain…

-DNW – 9/2011


By Wayne Allen Sallee

Nine weeks now, the man has felt anger and anxiety and fear for all the right as well as all the wrong reasons. The past was a constant, everything that occurred with horrifying quickness on that achingly blue late summer morning framed in video and glossy magazine print, yet for the man, who turned 42 just two days before the terrorist hijackings, the present comes in fragments. One day he is right with his reasonings, that same evening it is as if his very existence is a terrible mistake.

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