UnAnswered Prayers – Sold My Soul
by Kennie Kayoz
Copyright 2018 Coyotes Publishing
Smashwords Edition

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Cover Image courtesy of Pixabay

Alone I Sit

All this time I thought I had things figured out
Finally the light bulb has turned on inside my mind.
Nothing could be more clear than what it is now.
I’m nothing to you

Just words, just basic text.
It’s fine. It shows me what kind of a person you are.
It’s easier for me to drift away.
Lack of communication is easy, I have lack of heart.

No longer having to worry about anything
I don’t have to think about any future regrets.
My future has been chosen.
The future of me.

I have learned over the last little while that only I matter
Never was any good at keeping friends or talking
Here I sit, surrounded by nobody.
I shall remain surrounded by just the same

I will no longer hunt.
No longer be hunted
Will hide in the darkness, will watch life
I don’t need to step forth.

I knew all these years that nobody would want me near them.
One lied to me through many years
Now I see that it is true.
Alone I sit

I no longer have to think
Have to worry
Have to decide who I worry about.
Only one person fills that answer

The person is me


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