Evans shook his head in confusion. “Miss Atieno, I can. As a person. I’m doing nothing of the sort. I am acting on a directive here. I just have no direct knowledge of the people you work for and what other dirty business you do, but what I know is I didn’t resign my Reuters job to come here and cook fake chapatis. If I make the mistakes you make, I am toast.”

Atieno’s eyes bulged, her cheeks twitched from the stress of clamping her mouth shut. Her voice was tight and husky. “Is this personal?”

A young girl died, Miss Atieno. Does mean anything to you?”

Atieno was at first appalled. The she was shocked. Then dismayed. She thought fast. Then she drew a bad card. She switched to DhoLuo and asked “Ok waum auma gini, yawa. Koso? (Why don’t we find a way to cover this?).”

Evans bolted. His face was brittle with anger. “Are you kidding me? That’s a bribe, you know. How do you conduct yourself before a partner? First you insubordinate me at the board meeting and then you want to bribe me to cover for your dirty work?”

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