Flynn smashes his butt in Jake’s flabbergasted face. Instinctively, Jake takes a healthy chunk of Flynn’s cushiony cheeks and finds himself indiscriminately squeezing them. Realizing how wrong it is, he quickly shoves Flynn’s ass away, although the sheer enjoyment of feeling him in such a way is epic and toxic.

Flynn glances back with an odd expression of fulfillment.

After observing him depart, Jake’s left alone with his thoughts.

Is Greg looking to bump me off this time? Hoping I would give up already?

Jake continues to resent the illicit, one-sided affair with his current boss. 

Unfortunately for Jake, Greg remains his superior. Uprooting his life and leaving the company he’s dedicated all his heart and soul to isn’t an option. Because of this, Jake still finds himself in a submissive role, under Greg’s cold leadership. Greg’s been pressuring him daily with escalating tasks since their breakup. 

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