The Second Sun Trilogy

© A.E. Boswell, 2011 – All Rights Reserved

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Jack threw down the newspaper with a sigh. He couldn’t look at it any more. The witnesses. The experts. The photos of the wreckage. It was all too much. Not that there was much left to photograph. That same snap of the flaming wing, taken by some backpacking tourist, haunting every cover, every channel.

Australair Flight 779, a routine commercial flight, had come down into one of the outlying Solomon Islands only two hours into the journey. The investigation was already suggesting pilot error, but even the head of the team was admitting he thought there was more to it. The only survivor – the black box – threw up erratic changes in the flight path, unexplained control errors. Novice mistakes. They admitted reviewing the audio transmissions between the flight and control, but confirmed it couldn’t explain the actions of the pilot.

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