Herbert Hutchison in the Underworld


Bruce Coville

(Author of My Teacher Is an Alien; Aliens Ate My Homework; Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher; Into the Land of the Unicorns, and many others)

Published by Oddly Enough at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Bruce Coville

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Herbert Hutchison in the Underworld

Herbert Hutchison was fifteen when the car he was driving hit a patch of black ice.

This was a bad thing, for several reasons. First, he was too young to have a driver’s license. Second, the car was his mother’s, and he had taken it without permission. Third, he was already due to appear in court the following week on a petty theft charge. Fourth, he was slightly drunk at the time. Fifth—and possibly worst, from Herbert’s perspective—he was going about 80 miles per hour when it happened.

The fact that there was a solid rock wall on one side of the road and a deep chasm on the other did nothing to improve the situation.

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