It had been a year since he had been here last. The warm summer air of Florida with its comfortable spring freshness was refreshing and calming.

The frat was forgotten for now -he had gotten on a plane and left it all behind (the lonely thought of spending a whole summer while everyone was off travelling had made him feel quite lonely). It's great to be back.

He found the key where the text message had said it would be - under the mat, probably not the safest place, but, oh well, that was his aunt. The key slid in the lock and he popped the door open. Inside was exactly how he remembered it. Slightly dirty with a sense of busy messiness that brought him back to the days when he had stayed here as a child.

He moved a box of take out of the couch and threw his bag down. She could have at least cleaned up a bit. He went into the untidy kitchen that didn't look like it got much use and opened the fridge. Inside was a bottle of milk and not much else, probably due to the fact that his aunt nearly never came home from the hospital (she was a successful doctor). There was a note taped to the front of the bottle. It had two things on it:

1) Don't worry its fresh.

He sighed. That was always a concern in this house.

2) I might be home late tonight. There's some money in the draw to you left.

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