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Merchandise is an excellent book—a real page turner. Read it in one sitting.” – Kurt Frazier, author of 49098 to 36575


AS JIM Shoemaker walked down the road, the pounding hammer ahead meant absolutely nothing to him, but it would soon come to mean a lot more than he could have ever imagined—not in his worst nightmares.

His white T-shirt was growing a ring of sweat around the collar, outlining his head in a most unique way, and his wind-pants were rustling as he moved slowly down the road, following the white line to his right down the road. The uneven shoulder was great walking ground; he found the ground easy enough to walk on. It wasn’t the easiest, but that gave him a bit more of a workout.

The clouds on the horizon danced in the wind, their tremendous forms shifting and changing moment by moment, The burning eye of the sun glared down on him, bringing warmth to his exposed arms and the back of his neck, stopping right where the shaggy ends of his brown hair, which was held down with the first fruits of a hard sweat, met the skin.

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