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What others say about Radical Happiness by Gina Lake…

"Radical Happiness is a supremely intelligent guide to awakening from the delusion of the mind and its time. Gina points with clarity and wisdom, while offering practical exercises and helpful resources so that we may realize the extraordinary delight of the Heart." – Katie Davis, author of Awake Joy

"Gina Lake awakened into radical happiness after a deep exploration of psychology, metaphysics, and astrology. Having walked that path to its end, Gina’s heart-full story of what it is to be peacefully aware, loving, and content in the midst of any life circumstance can serve as a bridge to countless others who share her background. Insightfully and eloquently written, Radical Happiness offers practical pointers and exercises that allow every reader to discover who they really are by their own experience. Like all great epics, there is a wonderful twist involved in your exploration. Dive in and Be Happy." –Sundance Burke, author of Free Spirit

"Gina Lake's engaging book Radical Happiness exudes her vast spirit of loving kindness mixed with the traditional "via negativa" or "negating way" teachings of nonduality and a few other interesting things as well. Her professional counseling background and co-teaching work with her advaita-oriented husband, Nirmala, empower her to present nonduality in a warm, pragmatic manner. Sidebar material throughout the book outlines nearly two dozen experiential exercises to bring readers back to immediate consciousness of key aspects of living (e.g., inquiring, feeling, sensing, witnessing desiring), so that readers can be rooted in actual ongoing experiencing from the context of Self instead of stuck ruminating on mere concepts… This is the Self dancing together with Self as gentle Love…Gina has a talent for making the material zing with freshness and cogency… Gina's several books, including this one, are surely an integral part of the Divine force of awakening all selves to this one nondual Self." –Timothy Conway, Advaita scholar and author of Women of Power and Grace

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