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Marked By Magic

Maxwell Avoi

Copyright 2011 by Maxwell Avoi

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Marked By Magic”

By Maxwell Avoi

Copyright 2011 by Maxwell Avoi

We were given an assignment in Applied Psychology for the last half of the semester. During that time, we were to come up with an experiment, run it according to the university’s guidelines, and then document the whole thing and create a presentation. I felt lucky that I was rooming with my project partner, Owen, but I didn’t realize how difficult that he was to work with until the day that we started coming up with ideas. Owen wanted things in a certain way and any deviation from that meant continual whining and insisting that his way was better. Combine that with an insistence that I do “my share,” and you can see where things started to go sour almost immediately. It quickly got to the point where I was staying away from the room as often as possible.

After a week of us butting heads I came back to the dorm and found that he’d set up a big easel with one of those big yard-by-yard notepads on it. He said, “Ah! Jake, welcome home! We’re going to work on a new plan today!”

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