Praise for CODE

“Elizabeth brings an entrepreneurial mindset and out of the box process to career change. Whether you are looking for a new position or starting your own business, Elizabeth's CODE program will provide an efficient process for achieving results. While attending a pilot program presented by Elizabeth, I learned transferable skills that have already increased my productivity. If you want to take your potential to the next level, CODE is the program to enable you to deliver results for yourself or your employer.”

– Holly L.


“[Elizabeth’s] content has helped me to be targeted and focused in the various paths I am pursuing – from re-entering corporate America to branching out into my own life/management coaching business. I now have a definitive language to utilize, a process to keep myself on track, and resources to potentially help my clients and colleagues be as successful as I will. I highly recommend Elizabeth Allen and the unique and thought-provoking CODE training to anyone who truly wants to make a difference in their own performance and the results of those with whom they interact.”

– Peter D.


“…because of Elizabeth and the CODE system, I was able to do something I thought was impossible – turn down a great offer. In evaluating the position, company, responsibilities and potential for growth I realized that many of the key priorities I had established were missing, even though the salary and overall package were excellent. Searching for a job is tough and turning one down is even tougher. Based on the knowledge and skills I developed in working with Elizabeth, I took that step and came out ahead. Almost immediately after turning down the first offer I received a second, and much better, offer. The CODE system is an outstanding tool to apply in any process in which prioritization is required to achieve maximum results.”

– David R.


“Elizabeth Allen understands the fundamental inner workings of the sales/marketing process and has aptly abstracted it to apply it in a variety of settings. Her CODE methodology will transform your job search paradigm, especially if you are from a non-sales profession.”

– John P.


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