Emotional Scars

Compassion is Projected Self-Pity

The Inner Child

What is Consciousness?

Impasses to Thought

Fight Against Only That Which You Wish to Become

Violence is Admission of Error

A New World is Rising

General Advice on Becoming Free

Keith Johnstone

A Closing Message

Feedback etc.


The aim of this book is to set you free. But free from what? Free from neurosis. Free from the feeling that you have to obey authority. Free from emotional intimidation. Free from addiction. Free from inhibition.

The key to happiness, mental health and being the most that we can be is absolute and unconditional self-acceptance. The paradox is that many of our problems are caused by trying to improve ourselves, censor our thinking, make up for past misdeeds and struggling with our negative feelings whether of depression or aggression.

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