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Kyle stood at the open door to his mother’s bedroom, his jaw slack, his mouth open, his eyes wide. In the middle of her bedroom, his mother Angeline was on her hands and knees on the carpeted floor. She was completely naked, and her dog, a large brown shepherd-lab mix, was on her back, gripping her with his forelegs at her waist, fucking her at a frenetic pace.

Angeline’s head was lolling down, and she was making a low, throaty moan, the sound coming from her in little pulses, synchronized with the dog’s fast, hard thrusts into her cunt; thrusts that were making her whole body shake and sway and jiggle.

“Oh my fucking god,” Kyle whispered.

Angeline’s head snapped up at the sound of her teenaged son’s voice and, seeing him in her doorway, she let out a shriek. “Kyle! Oh my god! What are you-- Get out! Get out of here! Get away! Don’t--” As she babbled out these words, she lunged forward, starting to crawl away from the dog, but immediately she said “Ow!” and stopped. Clearly, the dog’s cock was trapped inside her cunt by the swollen knot at its base, and the big dog’s weight anchored her in place.

Giving up the attempt to scramble away from the dog, Angeline lowered her head, turning her face away from her son. “Kyle, please,” she said in a somewhat calmer, but still quavering voice. “Go away. Don’t look at me like this. I-- I didn’t-- I mean this was an accident. I was bending over... um, after my shower, and Muttly just jumped up on me... And now he’s stuck inside me until... until he finishes. So please just go away, and please, please, forget this ever happened. Okay, Kyle?” As Angeline spoke the dog’s frantic humping motions became slower, until his thrusts were only occasional, and separated by several seconds. But each of those thrusts was a powerful one, jolting Angeline’s body and forcing a little grunting interruption in the flow of her words.

Kyle was silent for a few moments. Then he said, “You look awesome, Mom!” He spoke slowly, drawing out the word “awesome” as a long, breathy whisper. “You look fucking amazing!” he added, using the same reverential tone. He dropped his hand to his crotch and roughly massaged the growing bulge there. “This is the sexiest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life!”

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