Conspiracy of a Conspiracy Wrapped Inside a Conspiracy Theory

by: Milthy Swinebuckle

It's been proven that not all conspiracy theories you hear are totally accurate. In fact you'll be both surprised and shocked to learn that only 84% of all conspiracy theories are actually true. However, what I'm about to disclose on here, right now, this very second, the stuff that your eyes will see and your brain will decipher, will totally blow away your tiny mind and make the world in which you live a lot more salty! The reason for this is I can prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt that what I'm saying is fact (just as long as these damn wiggly fingers let me type out the truth). The ten conspiracy theories I'm about to disclose below are not just 100% accurate but scientifically proved to be exactly 112.632% (and a bit) accurate.

Theories/Truths/Truer Truths than the Truth/The Opposite Stuff to Bollicks

1_Knock off/extremely cheap cans of deodorant are filled with cancer cells made to wipe out the lower classes.

2_Triangle earth.

3_Donald Trump is real.

4_Chemtrails are nothing more than flying saucer farts.

5_Toilet paper doused in chemicals, make the fingers wiggle insanely and type out daft nonsense whenever you try to write something.

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