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Teacher Caught by Child Having Intercourse!

A Super Saying - by Cinique Scott

H a v e W o r d s - W i l l T r a v e l

I’m sorry, I must confess, this essay is not what you thought. I tricked you. I played with your mind. You were hoodwinked, bamboozled, lead astray. I took advantage of your curiosity and it was too easy. Umm huh, you were looking for scandal weren’t you? You won’t find it here. It’s a crying shame that I had to put a suggestive title like this one to get your attention. Nevertheless, I have not lied to you. The headline is quite true. You can trust that somewhere and at some point within the fabrics of our time there’s been a teacher caught by their child having intercourse with their significant other. The truth be told, this writing is really all about your apparent hunger for scandal. It’s about the gossip, the drama, the tabloids and all that irrelevant nonsense. Some people really enjoy meddling and this article was just the crack I needed to slide into your mind and warn you about the curiosity that killed that cat.

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