by: Richard Sharpe Shaver

Compiled and Edited by Wm. Michael Mott

Copyright © 2006 by Wm. Michael Mott and Mottimorphic Publishing Co. LLC

All images and scans © 2006, Wm. Michael Mott.

Digital Edition published and converted from the print edition by Grave Distractions Publications

Smashwords Edition

Author is solely responsible with the text held within.

This is the only authorized electronic edition of this book. Rogfogo Paintings excerpted from “The Secret World” and material from SEARCH Magazine used by permission of Ray Palmer, Jr. Credited photos of Richard S. Shaver provided by Richard Toronto of SHAVERTRON. The texts of “Shaver on AbstractArt”, “Hideosities”, “The Cloud Painter”, “The Mystery of Shaver”, “The People of Yesterday”, and the typescript for “On Rogfogos” provided by Richard Toronto. Shaver interview material from the fanzine Vampire #6, June 1946, provided by Gerald W. Page.

Editorial note: The articles in this text have been reproduced with the exact syntax that appeared in the original texts. Given the condition of original image stock, some images contained within this text are of varying quality. Every effort has been made to faithfully reproduce these images in the highest quality possible in this digital edition.

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