The Good e-Reader Buyers Guide 2011

Michael Kozlowski

Copyright 2011 by Good e-Reader

Smashwords Edition

The Good e-Reader – eReader Buyers Guide for 2011 attempts to explore the myriad of e-readers in the market right now. Many devices have hit the market this year and it can be overwhelming to make the decision on what device is right for you. We explore over 25 e-readers that are widely available in the United States and Canada and give you a comprehensive review on each device.

The Holidays are quickly approaching and you might be keen on upgrading your own e-reader or maybe just buying one for the first time. You even might be considering a gift for that special someone and want to make sure you are buying the right e-reader for them.

We at Good e-Reader consider ourselves the definitive source on e-readers, digital publishing, ebooks and tablets. Our tech blog is visited by over 5 million people to get the latest industry news and look at all of the new releases. We extensively review every new e-reader that hits the market and often do a series of videos that give you tutorials on how to setup and manage your device. If you are the type of person that loves to load in their own ebooks or borrow them from the library, our videos also assist you in showing you how to do it, step by step.

If contests are your thing we do giveaways almost every few weeks for new e-readers and tablets that companies send us for reviews. Entry is free and it’s our way of saying thanks for stopping by our site.

During 2011 at Good e-Reader we started our eBook of the Week feature, so if you love to read, it’s worth checking out. We have been doing a series of author interviews, giving you an introspective on their writing process and give their book away for free, for one week. This is a great way to discover new authors and even speak with them, during one of our live chat events.

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