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More than a dozen men worked on the 50,000-kilo shuttle in the lower shuttle bay. The main bay was almost undamaged, but the batteries had been stripped or jumped, causing extensive electrical damage. All of the smaller shuttles were operational, but the largest shuttle, since it had the most powerful electrical system, had been cannibalized the most.

"If we can get this shuttle up and running," said Jon Newton, "we'll be ready to start shipping when the last of the products are packaged. You sure your ladies' aid society can get those vegetables packaged in time?"

"I have complete faith in them," said John Winthrop. "They'll be ready when we are. Just one more --"

Winthrop collapsed, scattering tools. Several men ran over to him.

"Get the doctor!" shouted Mike, the first man to reach him.

Empire Saga


Michael J. Findley

copyright by Michael J. Findley 2010

Published by Findley Family Video Smashwords Edition

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