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and More Stories from the Erotic Edge of SF/Fantasy

by Lauren P. Burka

Circlet Press, Inc.

Cambridge, MA

Mate by Lauren P. Burka

Copyright © 1992 by Lauren P. Burka

Cover Art Copyright © 1992 by Andii Briggs

Circlet Press

39 Hurlbut Street

Cambridge, MA 02138

First Electronic Edition: 2008

Smashwords Edition: 2011

ISBN 978-1-61390-030-7

All Rights Reserved. Earlier versions of "Mate" and "Whip Hand" were originally released in electronic form in 1991. An earlier version of "The Melting of the Snowflake" was originally released in electronic form in 1992. This text cannot be distributed, reproduced, transcribed, photocopied, uploaded, downloaded, or otherwise transformed into similar or any other media, without the express written consent of the Publisher.

Smashwords Edition

This electronic version was produced from the files used in the physical book, and was converted to ebook formats by the Smashwords Meatgrinder. It contains all of the text and stories from the original book, but does not replicate the design or layout. Please report any problems you find with the ebook to us at "" or by visiting the Bug Report section of our web site (

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