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Mary Kirk

Selected Passages

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From Chapter One...

“I’ll take you home,” Sam said. “As soon as the rain lets up.”

Kate hesitated only a second or two before giving him a single nod. When he turned away to stare into the fire, her gaze slid over him, and she suddenly registered that his hands were rubbing his crossed arms—and that his shirt was still wet.

“You’re cold,” she said.

His right hand, wrapped over his left biceps, stopped moving. “I’m okay.”

“Where are your things, Sam? If we’re going to be here awhile, you should put on a dry shirt.”

He shook his head. “My Jeep’s around back, but I’m not going to unload it in this deluge.”

“I guess everything would be wet by the time you got it inside,” she agreed. “But your shirt would dry faster if you hung it with the other things.”

“I’m fine.”

“You’re not fine. You’re cold.”

When he didn’t answer, Kate sighed. “Look, I feel bad enough, causing you all this trouble—and don’t tell me I haven’t. I was a pain in the neck when you found me, and you’ve got a broken window to fix because of me. I’d feel better if I didn’t think you were freezing.”

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