Sleeping With The Groom:
Age Gap Infidelity With Her Son-in-Law

J.S. Lee

Copyright © 2018. All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 or older.

Smashwords Edition

The boy was asleep in the lounge chair and Pamela couldn't keep her eyes off of him. His tousled brown hair had blond highlights, especially in the sun, his long, lean swimmer's body with the rippled abs and the sculpted pecs and his hips jutting from the marble that was his lower body made him irresistible. His skin gleamed with sweat and droplets of pool water and Pamela quickly pictured herself positioned between his legs, running her tongue along every inch to taste the salt and chlorine and him.

Under the umbrella, in the shade, she held the magazine up, pretending to read in case anyone should pass by, but her eyes couldn't focus on a word. Every time she was near the boy, the fluttering between her legs made it impossible to think of anything but her insistent need.

Her mind would always take her back to that first night. That forbidden night that she'd blamed on alcohol and hormones and a million other things that were all just lies. Given the opportunity, she'd do it again and although she should have been ashamed, she was too wet and eager to feel anything but a slow pull to his side.

Pamela squeezed her legs together and felt the pressure, her clit was erect and rubbing against the crotch of her swimsuit. If her husband wasn't coming back any minute now, she would have moved the towel to her lap and reached under the damp, clinging material and touched herself softly while drinking in every inch of the boy's body. When she recalled the perfect cock that stirred between his solid thighs, a tremor ran down her thighs.

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