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The 4 Types of Artists – Starving, Dying, Dead, and Rich!

Somewhere in my journey of art, I learned to present my forgetfulness as a trait common in artists. I realized that people suddenly became more forgiving when they realized that I could draw and paint too. Guess they thought to themselves – we’ve got to carry those artist types around – because who knows one of them might turn out to be a Da Vinci, a Van Gogh, or a Picasso!

Personally, I’d want to be Da Vinci or die unknown. (If I sound like I am suffering from megalomania, please put it down to my being an artist.)

But…am I really an artist?

I mean what makes you an artist?

And…if you are an artist what kind of artist are you?!

After researching about three-dozen artists, two-dozen cartoonists, and a dozen or so caricaturists, I came to a conclusion.

Gentlemen and Ladies, hold your breath.

There are 4 basic artist-types and they are:

1. The Starving Struggling Artist

2. The Made-in-Lifetime Artist

3. The Posthumously Great Artist

4. The Richie Rich Artist

Let us look at each of these artist types individually.

I. The Starving Struggling Artist or the SS Artist!

This is the most commonly found species of artists in the world. The Starving Struggling Artist is characterized by his impractical dream of making it big without paying attention to the theory of probability (which he obviously can’t understand, as he’s shied away from Mathematics and Logic all his life.)

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