The New Left

Reason by Emotion

© 2018 Den Warren

Smashwords Edition

Can you guess who made the following quote?

A society which seeks to make the worship of the State the ultimate objective of life cannot permit a higher loyalty, a faith in God, a belief in a religion that elevates the individual, acknowledges his true value and teaches him devotion and responsibility to something beyond the here and now.

Who was the conservative who made this great statement? Ronald Reagan? Nope. It was former Democrat President John F. Kennedy given at a commencement Address, Assumption College, June 3, 1955

This article is written from the perspective of the US, but the principles can be applied to all of western societies.

It is amazing how far left Democrats have gone since their icon, JFK was in office. He would definitely be another one of their sworn enemies if he was still around. If you are a Democrat, has your party left you? Is this “new left” really something that you want to be affiliated with?

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