Hello I’m here again, Heather Hunter reporting for duty, ready, willing and able. And please don’t worry about me being long-winded this time around. I was extremely nervous when I first put my thoughts down in writing. Tentatively rereading my rashly written Loving Made Easy, it shows.

Good grief; doesn’t it just!

This time that ain’t gonna happen.

Right now, my “literary virginity” no longer intact, I’m not nervous at all.

In fact right now I’m rather hot for it.

And that’s whatever “it” might transpire to be. I still have tales to tell, and lots of them.

So here goes . . .

Chapter One

I have seen a lot of vaginas in my relatively short life but Kat’s is far and away the best. Forget all those raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens; her fanny will always top the list of my favourite things.

As if I care for raindrops on anything.

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