Mom and I had married in secret a while back. Incest marriage was illegal of course, but we had not told the vicar that we were mom and son. Hence we had been able to have our lovely wedding ceremony. Mom had looked so beautiful on that day.

But the thing was, as much as we loved and lusted after each other, I had never really been able to satisfy her sexually. Like any good mother, she had shown me what to do in bed, how to eat her pussy, how to play with her nipples and suck them properly without hurting her. But when it came to fucking, well I just had to admit that I was not the most well endowed guy, and I just couldn’t jackhammer like the guys I saw in porno films.

I realised that as time went by mom was not orgasming like she used to, she was not saying ‘oh god son, you fuck me so good, oh I’m going to cum all over your cock Jerry, oooooooh!’

I realised after a while that she had been probably faking those orgasms so as not to make me feel bad, but had got to a point where she really just could not be bothered faking them anymore.

Mother and son, married and in love, it had all been so perfect, despite the fact that what we had done was so taboo it would have landed us in jail if anybody ever found out about it.

And so it was that here we were, in a hotel room, with me strapped to a chair, as mom paraded about the room in just her black bra and panties, exhibiting that voluptuous porn star body. I was so lucky to have her for a wife and a mom.

She had finally told me to my face that things were not satisfactory in the bedroom, that it was time to do something to spice things up as she was becoming sexually frustrated. I was not going to argue with mom. She said she would see what I had in store when the time came.

There was a knock on the bedroom door. What the hell? Were we expecting company? Fuck, nobody could see me like this.

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