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Shannon and Ally visit Lake Ontario

By Kate Everson

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2011 Kate Everson

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Shannon and Ally went on a road trip from Ottawa to Lake Ontario. They stopped in to visit the Air Park and the Air Force Museum in Trenton.

“I like airplanes!” said Shannon.

Shannon and Ally sat inside an airplane and tried to fly it. They could not get off the ground!

“But I want to fly!” said Ally.

“Oh well,” said Daddy. “Maybe when you grow up you can fly an airplane. You can be a pilot.”

That made Shannon and Ally very happy. They would like to fly up in the sky, through the clouds and over top of all the houses. They might even fly over their own house in Ottawa!

“That would be fun,” said Shannon.

Mommy and Daddy said they would like to fly an airplane too. But they did not know where to go.

“Maybe we could fly all the way to Renfrew,” said Mommy.

“Oh no,” said Daddy. “We could fly further than that. We could fly all the way to Trenton!”

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