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But right now, Shannon and Ally were having fun just pretending to be pilots. They liked the big airplanes and they liked the small airplanes. Ally liked the helicopter best.

“If I had a helicopter I could fly straight up and down!” she laughed. “That would be the most fun of all!”

Ally did a little dance in front of the big helicopter. She was glad the propellers were not going around! That might hurt!

Shannon said she might like to join the Air Force. She already knew how to salute! She gave her very best salute and it looked like this.

Mommy and Daddy said they would like to fly in an old airplane like the Golden Hawk. But it was not taking anybody for rides, so they just sat on the bench in front of it. Shannon and Ally jumped on the bench and climbed up and down. That was just as much fun as an airplane ride!

Shannon and Ally had fun at the Air Park and then they went to Presqu’ile Park beside Lake Ontario. That was more fun.

They walked along the boardwalk that went through the marsh. It was a long and winding boardwalk and there were tall cattails everywhere. Along the boardwalk were pretty flowers. Once they even saw a duck fly and a frog jump.

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