The Stockholm Syndrome Sex Preemptive

Stella Graffen

Smashwords Edition

Revised Copyright 2013 Stella Graffen

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My name is Stella and I wrote this story about a sharp young woman I know who became trapped in an incredibly dangerous sexual encounter. What happened to her was partly my fault because of something I did. I presented her with some radical ideas concerning the preemptive use of sexual aggression against hardened male predators. I presented these radical ideas in the women’s self-defense class that I teach at the Dojo where I do karate.

Dojo is just a fancy name for a workout studio, or a place to train, except you learn martial arts there instead.

My best friend Nina owns the Dojo and I help her out. I was spending so much time at the Dojo that she urged me to become an instructor and lead some class sessions. So I created a beginner’s program that featured my own unique vision.

People who know me, know that I can’t stand violence against women. I hate it. It gets me worked to a fever pitch.

Women take too much crap from men. I show them they don’t have to. When they look at me--a six-foot tall amazon that can kick the crap out of anything that pees standing up--they see one fierce female. That, alone, is an empowering image for the women in my class.

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